All of us are born intuitive whether we want to believe it or not. Some more than others, but all of us can get better with practice and confidence.

   Everything is made up of energy. All is connected. So communication is possible by interacting with other energies.

   You just have to quiet yourself and learn to receive.

   We can all send and receive images, thoughts and feelings. And by having a love for the animals it makes being a pet mediator in Davidsonville possible.



   Each animal has their own unique personality, just like people. Just because we can communicate with them through pet readings it doesn't mean we can make them do what we think is best. Finding out how they think and feel can make us enjoy them more so that we can have a more rewarding life with them.

   Just because we think we have a problem with the way they are acting, they might not see it that way and think that they have good reasons for their behavior.

   They sometimes behave badly when they have a health problem, they might be jealous of other people or animals, they might be frightened and get defensive, or they don't understand when we go to work and leave them, and some just need your love.

Pet Energy Reading in Davidsonville
Pet Energy Reading in Davidsonville

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