Flower essences are derived from plants and/or flowers and help to restore balance to the body, They are very safe and very effective in restoring our animal friends to a state of calm and emotional balance in difficult times. Moves, transition, change and even such things as traveling anxieties have been eased with the use of these remedies.

   The 38 flower remedies provide animals with a gentle safe system of emotional stress relief. If your animals could benefit from the use of one of these I can recommend which one. You can get these at most natural food or pet stores. You can search Bach Flower Remedies on the internet for their names and how they help.

   Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art. It is done by placing your hands over or on a person or animal and it can also be sent long distant. It affects the area where it is needed. This can be used for physical, emotional or mental ailments.

   It is an excellent way to help animals calm down when they are distressed, angry or anxious during traveling in the car, at the vets or lost. This does not take the place of veterinarians!