So by communicating with them, we can see how their world looks to them. Because we want to understand them better, animal communicating is important. 

   Our animals can be strongly influenced by their surroundings which might lead to emotional stress. If there is chaos around them it might effect them and lead to behavior problems.

   Some of the time we find that something very simple has caused their anxiety and it could be fixed very easy with one simple change from us. 

   We are here to love and cherish all of the animals of the earth.

   Energy never dies, so when animals pass over to the other side, they are in fact still that same energy as when they were here on earth with us. We can still communicate with them and they can hear our words and thoughts.

   They will always be around us sending us love and picking up the love we have for them.

  If you are interested in reading about and learning animal communication for yourself, there are many goods book out there to help get you started.